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If you are looking for employment in another part of the country, NYLS may be able to help you obtain reciprocity to use the career office of another law school in the area you are moving to for up to three months. Reciprocity allows law schools, graduates and students of other law schools who agree to offer similar services to provide adequate access to their professional resources. Exact services may vary from law school to lawschool, but often include access to law school internal job boards. To apply for reciprocity with a non-governmental career office, contact the Office of Academic Planning and Professional Development. The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development at New York Law School provides law students with personalized advice as early as the first semester of the school and well beyond graduation. We help students in all aspects of their careers, from polishing resumes and preparing for interviews, salary negotiations and building a professional network. We also connect alumni with resources and work hand-in-hand with a variety of legal employers. Our team has diverse legal experience and expertise in public interest and government, large corporations, judicial internships and alternative legal careers to help students find the opportunities that best position them to achieve their career goals. No institutional goal is more fundamental than preparing students for their careers and helping them get a good start in their professional lives. NYLS offers a number of resources that alumni can refer to in their job search and throughout their career. Visit the Office of Academic Planning and Career Development during regular business hours to use print library resources, or log in to Symplicity to search the document library for resources on job search strategy, interview techniques, networking, and more. Diversity-related job opportunities, events, and bar associations are listed in the Career Resources section of the NYLS portal. To submit requested documents for staff positions: Mayor Eric Adams appoints NYLS Dean and President Anthony W.

Crowell to the Planning Commission The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development is committed to seeking and promoting career opportunities for students from traditionally underrepresented groups in the legal community. Our office promotes diversity in the profession by connecting current students and alumni with scholarships, internships, career fairs, various professional associations, and cultural and social events. Individual guidance is available to help students take full advantage of these opportunities, build networks and develop the professional skills that will ensure their future success. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Irina Gomelskaya, Executive Director of Employer and Alumni Relations, at 212.431.2390 or In order to advertise a vacancy, you must have completed an employer profile in our job database, which is hosted by Symplicity. Legal employers can register directly from Symplicity`s employer login page to request a username and password. You can also contact us at 212.431.2345 or When you are ready to advertise the position, you can indicate in our system your recruitment criteria, application documents, as well as the manner and time frame within which you hear interested candidates.

Swati Parikh Associate Dean of Public Service and Pro Bono Initiatives October 24, 2022 • Simulation Coordinator/Senior Administrative Assistant At New York Law School, academic planning and career development are seamlessly integrated and your professional life begins on day one of law school. The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development provides guidance, resources and networking opportunities to guide all students through the transition from law student to lawyer. At the beginning of their third year, students meet with guidance counsellors for a face-to-face “exit interview” to plan a postgraduate job search strategy. Advisors focus on helping law students prepare for the final stages of the transition from law student to lawyer. Aisha Joseph, Executive Director of Academic Planning and Career Development, Assistant Diversity Officer Employer participation is free. Register with the Spring Recruitment Registration Form or the Fall Recruitment Registration Form. Advisors continue to work one-on-one with students to advance more ambitious career goals and develop greater depth of skills and experience. At the same time, counsellors also serve as academic advisors to help students choose electives and internships, internships, clinics and employment opportunities. Our goal is for every student to graduate with a consistent set of courses and experiences.

Alumni mentors are part of the NYLS Professional Network, a database of NYLS graduates who have volunteered to answer students` questions, provide career-related advice, and bridge the gap between the academic environment and the outside professional world. Mentors and mentees commit to meeting several times a year. September 26, 2022 • Senior Administrative Assistant – Mendik NYLS Library posts graduate jobs on Symplicity. To create a free Symplicity account, send an email to the Office of Academic Planning and Career Development with your name, year of graduation and the subject line “Symplicity Account Application”. We will create an account for you and send you a password. Irina Gomelskaya, Executive Director of Career Development, Employer and Alumni Relations Lawyers from various practice areas are invited to meet with students on campus to make personal connections and share their expertise. Students come from these courses with an increased understanding of specific areas of practice as well as a deeper sense of various professional attitudes – law firm, intern, government agency, public interest organization. Whether you have just graduated or are transitioning your career, the Office of Academic Planning and Career Development offers a wide range of services to support your professional growth.

Sare Mills` 12 Director of Academic Planning and Career Development; Counselling 3L, 3LE and 4LE Make an appointment for one-on-one counselling to discuss your job search, review your resume and cover letter, explore and clarify your career path, develop an effective job search strategy, and prepare for interviews. Make an appointment with Elizabeth Dambriunas `85, Senior Director, Alumni Counsel and Intellectual Property/Entertainment Law Counsel, at the Vivian Villalva Office-wide Academic and Professional Guidance Coordinator Erin Felker Bond `08 Associate Dean for Academic Planning and Career Development Working with external health professionals, New York Law School has developed robust campus safety plans. If you are looking for interns or young professionals, we can help! You can specify your recruitment criteria, application documents, and how and when you hear interested candidates. As employers of New York Law School students know, our students are smart, hardworking, and practical. If you would like to be considered for a position, please submit the following: Today, more than ever, our world needs compassionate and practical lawyers. Join NYLS to answer the call. Your gift leads to life-changing scholarships, innovative academic programs, and a meaningful impact on faculty.

NYLS works with students to actively expand their professional networks and speak with lawyers working in their areas of interest. Be part of our dynamic and friendly team. NYLS is an equal opportunity employer. NYLS` innovative first-year legal practice course includes a comprehensive professional development program. First-year students also meet with a counselor to discuss their initial career ideas, review their resumes and cover letters, and prepare job search strategies for summer jobs. Working with the professors who teach our first-year law practice course and writing specialists if a student needs more assistance, the Office of Academic Planning and Career Development helps students select and prepare a writing sample to submit to employers. Throughout the year, NYLS organizes special programs for alumni. Events include networking forums, job search panels, mentor meetings and informational presentations. Considering that timing and travel are an issue for some, we organize programs via webinars and/or recorded videos. If you are interested in attending these events, please contact the Office of Educational Planning and Career Development.

The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development runs a variety of programs throughout the year, and we are always looking for alumni to be part of a career panel, come to the practice area for lunch, and participate in networking events with our students.