New Laws in Texas 2021

The law limits potential lawsuits for employers, but it remains to be seen how effectively it will protect you from pandemic-related litigation. You can track COVID-19 workplace disputes in our FP COVID-19 employment dispute tracker. Teachers say they don`t teach it. Educators say most people — including critics — don`t know what it is. Yet lawmakers passed laws this spring banning the teaching of critical race theory in schools. In Texas, 666 new laws passed by the Republican-led state legislature in the 2021 regular session will go into effect Wednesday. Among these are the top conservative priorities adopted this year in other red states in the country, but none as large as Texas, which has a population of more than 29 million. The new laws range from changing the tax exemption for disabled veterans to 100 percent to requiring major cities to hold an election before reducing or reallocating funds for enforcement. Texas` voting bill that has garnered the most attention this year is GOP-backed Senate Bill 1, which passed this week. Gov. Greg Abbott still needs the signature, but some lesser-discussed election laws go into effect Wednesday. Six hundred and sixty-six new Texas laws will go into effect this Wednesday.

These laws, which were discussed, passed and signed during the 87th Texas Legislature, include changes to public safety, health care and K-12 education. Here are some of the major new laws that will go into effect in Texas on Wednesday: But in the meantime, here`s a list of new laws you should know about: The Texas legislature had a packed legislature this summer that will have profound implications for Texas labor law. Some of the major new laws passed and enacted include measures related to sexual harassment, firearms in the workplace and, of course, COVID-19. Below are the top five employment laws from this year`s session that every Texas employer needs to be aware of. Here`s a look at Texas` new laws that will go into effect on Jan. 1: Twenty-three new Texas laws go into effect this Saturday. The new laws, which were passed during the 87. The Texas legislature affects real estate valuations, third-party delivery services, law enforcement funding cuts, tax breaks for religious organizations, and more. AUSTIN – The 87th Texas Legislature passed hundreds of laws in 2021. While most went into effect in September, another 23 laws will go into effect in Texas on January 1, 2022. “Anti-abortion protesters could use this law to harass clinics with endless lawsuits that could consume their time and resources and force them to close,” Marc Hearron, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, told reporters in July.

666 new Texas laws went into effect in 2021. Here are 16 you should be aware of, from abortion and voting restrictions to open carrying. Nikki Jones, who teaches African-American studies at the University of California, Berkeley, described critical race theory as a way to understand how race was used to influence laws in the United States. Texas lawmakers expanded the employer`s definition of sexual harassment complaints to anyone who employs one or more employees instead of the current limit of 15 people. The bill also states that anyone who “acts directly in the interest of an employer with respect to an employee” will now be considered an “employer,” meaning supervisors and others can be included as individual defendants. The law went into effect on September 1 and will likely lead to more sexual harassment lawsuits as more employers are now covered by the law. You can read more about the new law here. There are also other, less controversial electoral laws.

One allows people to track their mail-in ballots, and another makes it clear who may be at a polling station: voters, election officials, election observers, election magistrates and law enforcement agencies. Texans have been allowed to carry firearms in public since 1995. Since then, more pro-gun laws have followed. However, Texans still had to obtain a permit to take a firearm outside their home or vehicle. It was a hectic labor law session for the Texas legislature. The next regular session in 2023 is expected to cover a number of other topics that were discussed this year but failed. We`ll be monitoring developments in Austin and providing updates as needed, so make sure you`re subscribed to Fisher Phillips` analytics system for the most up-to-date information. If you have any questions, contact your attorney at Fisher Phillips, the author of this overview, or another attorney at one of our Texas offices.

The law was introduced after a protest in California where protesters prevented two lawmakers from entering an emergency room. Democratic Rep. Alex Dominguez, a co-author of the bill, says it`s about reducing layoffs of veterans and giving them a quicker entry into the civilian workforce. Meanwhile, Texas Democrats returned to the state after leaving to protest a restrictive election law. That law was finally passed on Tuesday, but will not become law immediately. Despite being one of the smallest in the country, the state has expanded its medical marijuana program to patients with all stages of cancer, those with post-traumatic stress disorder, and people participating in research initiatives. Protecting companies from liability in the event of a car accident: HB 19 requires drivers of commercial vehicles — including Uber, Lyft and vans — to be held liable in court for causing a car accident resulting in injury or death before a case can be brought against their employer. The bill extends from six to 10 years the period during which religious organizations are exempt from paying property taxes on contiguous property intended for the expansion of the organization`s place of worship. As a reminder, Texas requires employers to allow their employees to have firearms in their locked vehicles parked on company premises (with a few exceptions for certain workplaces where it would not be safe). The law does not change this requirement.

House Bill 21: Extension of Limitation Period for Sexual Harassment Complaints Leander Municipal Management District: House Bill 4638 refers to “the creation of certain municipal boroughs; granting the power to issue bonds; Authority to collect assessments, fees and taxes. The law does not change the right to own weapons. Handgun owners in Texas must be at least 21 years old and must not have served a sentence for crime or domestic violence in the past five years. And the new law also adds several offences to the list, including assault, lethal behavior, terrorist threats, and disorderly behavior with a firearm.