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As a businessman who has survived numerous changes in WB ownership for more than two decades, Emmerich left that position after weeks of discussions that he would leave the studio. He will be replaced by Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, who will be named co-chairmen of Warner Bros. Picture Group. A spokesman for Warner Bros. Discovery did not immediately respond to a request for comment, though an official announcement of the change in leadership is imminent. De Lucas and Abdy`s supervision will also include New Line Cinema. Their influence on DC Films is currently unclear. The couple recently ran Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer until that company was sold to Amazon. At MGM, the duo landed animated projects such as “Licorice Pizza,” “Cyrano,” and “House of Gucci,” though critics noted that some of these films did not make box office appearances. In 2016, Emmerich was promoted to president and chief content officer of the studio after long leading New Line, the Warners division responsible for the “The Conjuring” and “Lord of the Rings” franchises.

Emmerich was very popular with his management team and respected for his deep sense of history and cinema (he wrote the screenplays for “Frequency” (2000) and “The Last Mimzy” (2007). Sources say Emmerich decided to leave on his own, but Zaslav also had a number of meetings with potential actors in Hollywood that may have contributed to the executive`s decision to continue. He is expected to get some sort of production deal. Emmerich was named president in 2018 and oversaw Warner Bros. at a time of upheaval during which he experienced two major upheavals at the company. Initially, the company was sold to AT&T, but massive debt and Telekom`s decision to pull out of the media business to focus its resources on building its 5G network led to another sale, with Discovery acquiring the company that year. It was a public spectacle “without rancour”. On Friday, Toby Emmerich dined with Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy at the Polo Lounge, a hub for negotiation and powerful lunches, to send a sign of solidarity to Hollywood.

The bread break that made history when show business actors like producer Donald De Line and CAA agent Joel Lubin dined nearby came just a day after Emmerich announced he would be working as a “sex deal”. Under the leadership of new CEO David Zaslav, the company was rebranded as Warner Bros. Discovery to bolster its internal streaming service, HBO Max, and complement that content with Discovery`s reality TV program. Emmerich`s departure raises questions about the future of several of the studio`s key lieutenants, many of whom served alongside him for decades. Among those whose future is bleak is DC Films head Walter Hamada, who has been credited with stabilizing theater production in the department and quality control at a company that had suffered several critical failures such as “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Veteran film executive Toby Emmerich is stepping down as president of Warner Bros. Picture Group, three sources told Variety. It`s unclear whether De Luca will survive Amazon`s upcoming $8.45 billion acquisition of MGM, but he has definitely given the once-legendary studio a creative adrenaline rush since taking over as head of its film division in February 2020 and films from top directors like Ridley Scott (“House of Gucci”). Paul Thomas Anderson (“Licorice Pizza”), Joe Wright (“Cyrano”), Ron Howard (“Thirteen Lives”) and George Miller (“Three Thousand Years of Longing”), as well as projects by emerging filmmakers such as Lena Waithe (a Sammy Davis Jr. biopic) and Chinonye Chukwu (“Till”). His roster also includes directorial debuts of Channing Tatum (“Dog”), Billy Porter (an untitled coming-of-age story about a trans teenager), Michael B.

Jordan (“Creed III”), Zoë Kravitz (“Pussy Island”) and comedian Jerrod Carmichael (“On the Count of Three”). De Luca and Abdy probably have their own list of executives they want to bring with them. With De Luca, Zaslav gets an experienced manager and producer with deep ties to the creative community. Throughout his career, De Luca has worked with Paul Thomas Anderson, David Fincher and Paul Greengrass. He was also nominated for an Oscar for the production of “The Social Network,” “Moneyball” and “Captain Philips.” .