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An employee© who works part-time must sign a written employment contract©. Fortunately, the employee who has personal limitations or wants to combine several activities has the opportunity to work less than 24 hours per week. To do this, he must send a written and reasoned request to his employer, i.e. explain why he wishes to work shorter hours (health reasons, family constraints, etc.). As long as the employer has a truthful letter from the volunteer employee, there is no legal risk in entering into a permanent contract or a fixed-term contract that does not meet the minimum duration of 24 hours. The employee© can thus achieve a total duration of employment equivalent to a full-time job or at least©equal to© the minimum working time©©. If we take the example of a 20-hour part-time contract, the changes will look like this: Hello, I have been employed since 2014 (FEVRIER) I have a 20-hour contract I would like to know if my employer should have set me up for 24 hours, since I know I applied for a full-time job, can you give me more information cordially. Some national collective agreements already provide for an exemption from these 24 hours per week. This applies in particular to the following collective agreements: medical practices, cleanliness, dental practices, cosmetics, janitors, janitors and construction workers, publishing houses, training organizations, etc. Check the part-time paragraph of your collective agreement Although companies are still prohibited from making a change to temporarily increase the working time of a part-time worker, this situation will change on January 1, 2014. Hello, you have the right to combine several professions. The rule is as follows: as a part-time worker, your employer is obliged to allow you to combine several activities: in particular by establishing a schedule with the distribution of your working time known well in advance, but he is not obliged to accept the change in work organization (in this case over 4 days instead of 5 days). We recommend that you prepare a letter to your employer explaining that you need to combine your work with a second job and that you want to change the organization of your working time to facilitate this cumulation.

If you have difficulty writing this letter, we can put you in touch with the employment lawyer who is a partner of the manager`s blog, who will help you write it at a preferential price. Sincerely, the founding team of LBdD on 1. In January 2014, the implementation of the new regulations on part-time work adopted in the first half of 2013 (Employment Security Act) will begin. This law contains several important changes to the regulation of part-time work, including the introduction of a minimum threshold of 24 hours per week and the 10% increase in overtime of less than 10% of contractual working time. Hello, I currently have a partial contract of 31 hours / week, smoothed over the year and I work from Tuesday to Saturday. Can I work these hours over 4 days (Wednesday to Saturday) so that I can also find another job? The goal is to work more to earn more, I need it now because I know that a full-time job is not possible where I work. In advance, thank you for your answer It is proportional to that of the employee© who, with a good qualification©, has a full-time job©equivalent to the same time in the company. Part-time work can take many forms. It can be monthly or weekly, depending on various family reasons (alternating between full-time work and retirement), intermittent part-time work or defined as part-time work all year round.

Mention should also be made of the part-time therapeutic system and part-time parental leave for educational purposes. For the record, if you find yourself in the situation of reducing your employee`s hours of work when he was previously full-time, know that your employee is entitled to reject your proposal. ©The© remuneration of part-time remuneration©is calculated© in proportion to one`s working time (except contractual provisions: titleContent or©more favourable uses: titleContent). The employee may work part-time, i.e. for a shorter period©than a full-time employee. ©©© The minimum working time©is specified©© in the employment contract. Part-time workers© may be asked to work© overtime©within certain limits. Overtime©is subject to a wage increase. In the case of an addendum to part-time work, the overtime thresholds are calculated on the basis of the duration of the part-time contract plus the duration of the change. Part-time hiring, less than 24 hours per week, is still possible, even if the minimum working time since the Employment Security Act is 24 hours.

There are, of course, many exceptions to this rule of at least 24 hours a week. They are generally adapted to the situation of employees, employment contracts and practices in different sectors of activity. Each time, the conditions must be met exactly. Detailed point to recruit less than 24 hours / week. The employee© who has signed© his part-time employment contract (CDI: titleContent or CDD: titleContent) must respect a minimum working time©of at least 24 hours per week. If you are on your 1st recruitment, there are alternatives if you only need a very small number of hours per week. Think, for example, of timeshare recruitment. A company that employs a 20-hour part-time job can ask its employee to work overtime, it pays him as follows: In the absence©of a script, the employment contract is a full-time contract. Part-time workers© may be asked to© work beyond the working hours specified©in the©contract. Since 1 January 2014, the law requires a minimum working time of 24 hours per week for all newly recruited part-time workers. This new regulation is expected to affect many companies, as about 50% of the 4 million part-time workers work less than 24 hours a week.