Call from Tikona Legal Department

Everyone has raised their problems, but I am unable to find real solutions or the consequences of avoiding their warnings. Is that enough to just avoid their warnings? Because the bill continues to increase every month. Would be really useful if information or consequences are provided after their so-called deadlines. Please give someone information after the deadlines. I received a harassment call. They said that if a fee is paid, I get a fine of Rs.150000. I asked what if I earned, what do I get. They said Rs150000. So I asked them to continue, 🙂 I received an email from “DEMAND NOTICE” Updates on your case in the consumer forum? What is the process? I am also a victim of Tikona scams. My story has been going on since Day 2, April 13, 2015. Separated on April 21, 2015. Yet they did not give my refunds. A lot of harassment, irresponsible and irresponsible.

I complained to the Consumer Forum today ( Yesterday I received a legal notice from Tikona that I will have to pay Rs 1500/- in case I can`t return the modem to them. However, the fact is that the people in Tikona took their modem and all the other accessories from my house about a week ago. After receiving their equipment, they should ideally send me an acknowledgment of receipt, but instead they send me legal notices to pay Rs 1500 for the modem. My friend took a credit card from Dubai and came back here without playing his exceptional games, but the people of Tikona call me more than 20 times a day for diff numbers, abuse and make my life hell. They ask him for his contact details and I gave them as much as I got, but they don`t believe me and stop the abuse and call every day. I`m so angry now. Source: I used to work for them, but in a different department. After having a very bad internet for 3 months, I wrote to Tikona to stop my service on January 11, 2019.

After that, they harass me by calling me regularly and sending me various amounts of bills and legal opinions. One invoice came for Rs 1005.17, another Rs – 448.61, another Rs 474.56, another Rs 375.72 another Rs 356.56, another Rs 482.17 and so on. I would also like to draw your attention to the harassment calls made by people who claim to be calling on behalf of Tikona. On April 8, 2016, I received calls from a person who called himself lawyer Devendra Chavhan and demanded payment of Rs. 1254 against the Tikona bill. I asked him not to call me, but I have been receiving his harassing calls for a few days from these numbers +91-7838282101, +91-9811698346, +91-9582078521. I had the same problem with Tikona. I used the connect in Bangalore. My ID card is 1111103480 Now I`ve left the city.

I called customer service to stop services on January 1 because I don`t want to continue. I remember the agent trying to push me to keep, and finally he suggested I refer him to my friend. But I was forced to stop, and then he accepted my complaint. I complained, no, to prove it. But after that, the service was still active and they send me a 2 month bill to pay. I refused to pay because no one was using it. Then I get calls from a quarter of Delhi Narendra (9250405994) and his team. In a short time, I learned that it was not a legal service because Narendra forced me to pay and suddenly used offensive words.

No professional lawyer will do that. In the meantime, I send a lot of mail to the company, but no response. Suddenly, I received a response from the company that a two-month invoice indicated that my payment date was May 11. But these fake lawyers don`t trust me and show me a case ID and all that. My question is that I receive an invoice from the company itself with the schedule and the same legal notice (when they send). Is it legal for a company? I called Tikona more than 10 times and emailed a request to resolve this issue as there was no unpaid due date and sent me an email or certificate stating that none are due but I never replied. I have received emails from Advodate from New Delhi several times to Recovery Bill Payemnt, he said that the company has filed a complaint against you in Delhi Patyala Court. When I asked for his lot number. Speech he spoke in a “language of abuse” and said “Ya toh bill bhar do ya case lado nhi toh acha nhi hoga tumre liye” what do you mean? I have been a customer for 4 years and the company has not been a service and I have called customer service about 100 times, but no one responds and responds to emails to date. I handed over the company modem and wired also to the today I am continuously hrrassed of the company tikona scammers people. I am also faced with the same thing.

I was happy to enjoy the Tikona service for almost 1 year. Then, after 1 year, I had so many connectivity issues. The connection was used to log out automatically and doesn`t allow me to log in after that. After that, this problem had to be reported weekly to every day. I told them that if you couldn`t fix the problem, cut the connection, but they didn`t disconnect or fix it. So I stopped paying for Tikona. Now, after a few days, some people call as a lawyer and threaten to pay. Why should I pay money for this type of service that I faced in almost 8 months, because at the time of login they received the payment for an additional 1 month.

Today I decided to go to the police station to report the phone number. I received calls from Tikona threatening me that a case had been filed with the Delhi court and that I would have to go to the Delhi court. You blocked my registered email address a year ago, you also block the Tikona online account. Finally, I deleted several emails from other email addresses and saved email addresses. Still no response to my emails about my concerns expressed a year ago. They bother me a lot. I also have an equally bad experience with Tikna. These scams should be punished. My humble request to the people. Don`t get a Tikona connection to let your friends know right away. I get a call from a lawyer, he told me to pay the bill within half an hour, otherwise he will issue an arrest warrant against me and I will have to appear before the Delhi court and I will not be able to find a job in the government sectors. In October I received mail for full and final payment, called them and asked them to check previous emails/records/internet usage and let me know in case something was pending as there was no due date on my side.

I am the youngest victim. Contact me at [email protected] if anyone is interested in pursuing them. I have paid the amount for which I am responsible on a pro rata basis. I asked for a breakup a month in advance when I was supposed to leave this apartment and it was 8 months ago when they called me with the Delhi lawyer scam. I want to sue them for their sins. and demand money from scams. The government should cancel their license because they are ripping off their people en masse, threatening people and extorting money from consumers. At this moment I have also received the same call, these people are really pathetic, please let me know if you have understood where you can complain about them. Hello, like today, I received such a type of call that she is a lawyer from Delhi, and she mentioned the amount correctly and the PAN number. She told him to pay by 3:30 p.m. (in just half an hour) the invoice generated for the period that I didn`t use at all, and I had to pay the full amount. And the real thing is that I moved my house to another place before the lockdown started, and I asked for the Tikona login movement to the new place, they didn`t move my connection and my bill because the generated bill received a call today and had to pay the amount after threatening to pay it.

Otherwise, my CIBIL score will be affected. I received a similar call this morning. The lawyer seems to know terribly about the payment of the so-called unpaid amount. I know it`s a scam. THEY ALSO SEND EMAILS TO ANYONE FROM YOUR FAKE EMAIL IDS THAT SAY YOU`RE A LAWYER. HERE IS THE EMAIL ID – I told them to go ahead and file a complaint. My lawyer will answer you. And that`s it, no more calls after that. The lady abused me and started talking like no lawyer would after I made the payment. Before that, she kept calling me to pay for it by picking up your device, which is useless for me, but he never visited my house and never called Hello, My UserID: 1110048373 – Regarding closing my account.

Last time, about 3 months ago, when I spoke to one of your account managers about the billing service, they confirmed to me that I didn`t have to pay anything because I didn`t see any usage in the session history. I got a call from the same number and the lady spoke absurd English and she said that they had filed a lawsuit against me and that all my cards including my Aadhaar card, credit card and business cards (lol) were blocked. I was a little nervous when she called me, but now that I`ve read all these articles, I`m doing pretty well. Could you please let me know what happens next? Guys even get calls from tikona. how you coped with the boys. For the first time, I got a call from Delhi and they asked me to pay 3000r. With in 30mins orwise the folder b is on u bla bla bla …. I still get calls from Tikona @Ketaki you stopped calling me for now. But if they call, I`ll pick it up and leave it on the page. I think they will get the message after a few calls. I have received many calls since February 15 threatening me with going to jail and facing a fine of Rs 15000.

Collection. You extort any amount from innocent clients by calling them, pretending to be a farce to get you to make the payment I knew before, when my friend received a similar call from a Vodafone lawyer and made the payment and when he called the person claiming to be a lawyer, he laughed and said your case would not be filed.