Black`s Law Dictionary Define Foreign

In ancient English law, this term, when used in reference to a particular city, refers to any person who was not a resident of that city. According to later usage, it is a person who is not a citizen or subject of the state or country we are talking about, or a person who owes loyalty to a foreign state or sovereign. For distinctions in Spanish law between “domiciled” and “temporary” aliens, see Yates v. lams, 10 Tex. 108. With respect to the laws and courts of a particular State, a “national” corporation is a corporation incorporated by or organized under the laws of that State; A “foreign” company is a company established by or under the laws of another state, government or country. In re Grand Lodge, 110 Pa. 613, 1 Atl. 582; Boley v. Trust Co., 12 Ohio Street 143; Bowen vs. Bank, 34 Comment. Practical (N.

Y.) 411. Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed. and The Law Dictionary. belong to another nation or country; belong to or are affiliated with another legal system; have been manufactured, made or reproduced in another State or jurisdiction; is subject to another jurisdiction; are active or soluble in another territory; extrinsic; outdoors; extraordinary. A plan that a nation uses for diplomatic meetings with other countries. It helps to deal with problems systematically. Any county that has a judicial and municipal organization separate from that of the county, in which the issues raised in the former county are questioned, although both may be in the same state or country.